Raising money can be a bit challenging to accomplish. There are a lot of organizations like school clubs, church groups, charities, sororities and others which need a lot of money to keep going. Most of the time they need to go to their communities to ask for that money. Be it door to door or through the organization of special events. The hard part is figuring out how you are going to make that money in a reasonable, fun and successful manner. health and safety manager provides independent health and safety services to all sectors of business and industry.

Sale of flowers

Flowers such as tulips, daisies, lilacs and roses are quite cheap. You should buy a bunch of them and then sell them for about one dollar. If you buy a lot of flowers and then have people sell them, you are going to make a lot of profit. The best times of the year are valentines and mothers day.

Ugly tie contest

This is a fin event that people are going to like a lot. You can post funny signs on local businesses. The best places include city halls, libraries, churches, courthouses and schools too. Ask for a small registration fee, an amount between two and ten dollars. Ask that the contestant wear an ugly tie to the show. You can ask the local vendors to donate the prizes and money and then have fun voting on the ties.

Bake sale

These are traditional fundraisers as they work quite well. It is possible for people to bake pastries and treats all from scratch. Some options include cookies, donuts, bread, cupcakes and muffins. Find the right spot somewhere outside the library, school, church and grocery store to sell them.

Garage sale

Get all the people in the community to go through their attics and then donate their old but usable items to garage sale. Place an advertisement in the newspaper before the day of the event. Hold the sale in the building of the organization. If you do not have a building, you can hold the sale in the garage of a volunteer. This fundraiser is ideal since there are no overhead costs.


Have some volunteers take part in a marathon. The runners can choose to go from door to door and ask people to sponsor them by donating some money for every half mile they can run. Make sure you inform the sponsors where and when they are going to attend the event.